Looking for Psaltery Strings players in Bushnell, FL area for winter stay – Any regular groups nearby?

2023-03-18 18:26:43 By : Ms. vivian he
traveling - Psaltery Strings

Psaltery Strings: Traveling to Bushnell FL

For many musicians, the idea of traveling for a part of the winter can be exciting, perhaps even inspiring. Bushnell, FL, is a place that many people are interested in visiting for many reasons, including the natural beauty, culture, and the chance to meet other musicians.

Psaltery Strings is one such musician, who is hoping to find other players in the area. In a recent post on their website, Psaltery Strings asked if anyone knew of any groups who played regularly in Bushnell FL or the surrounding areas.

A psaltery, for those not familiar, is a stringed instrument that has roots dating back to ancient times. It is typically a triangular-shaped instrument that is played with a bow, and it has been used in many different types of music, from classical to folk.

Psaltery Strings, however, specializes in medieval and Celtic-inspired music, making them a unique musician amongst the music community.

While Bushnell FL is a small town with just over 3,000 people, it still might offer plenty of opportunity for musicians like Psaltery Strings, who are looking to connect with others and share their music.

But, who is Psaltery Strings, and what inspires them to travel to a small town in Florida?

Psaltery Strings is a musician who has been playing the psaltery for over 20 years. Despite being classically trained in violin, they found the psaltery after studying music history in college.

It was during this time that Psaltery Strings began finding and transcribing ancient music that was composed for the instrument, including music from the medieval period and traditional Celtic music.

Psaltery Strings continued to perform and study, earning a master's degree in musicology, and now travels around the United States to perform and collaborate with other musicians.

Their music is unique and exciting, blending classical training with traditional and ancient melodies. It is no wonder that they are excited to find other musicians to perform with in Bushnell, FL.

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traveling - Psaltery Strings

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To conclude, Psaltery Strings is a musician searching for opportunities to share their music with others. Any musicians in the Bushnell FL area should take heed of this call and reach out.

In the world of music, every player brings something unique to the table, and it is exciting to think about what could happen when two talented musicians come together to create something new and beautiful.

Let us hope that Psaltery Strings finds what they are looking for in Bushnell, FL, and that they continue to bring their music to the world for years to come.